Now Seeking Nominations for the 2019-2020 Chapter Officers and Board

IPMA-HR Greater St. Louis Chapter is now accepting nominations for the 2019-2020 GSTL Chapter Officers and Board Members. Terms are one year and self-nominations are accepted. Click here for the Nomination Form.

Return completed forms via email by June 7, 2019, to:
Tonya Hawkins, IPMA-HR GSTL Board Secretary

Duties of each position are as follows:


Shall conduct the business of the GSTL Chapter in accordance with the bylaws and rules of the Chapter and shall Chair the GSTL Chapter Board. The President shall preside at all business sessions and provide direction for the Chapter.


Shall act in the absence of the President. Shall serve as contributor to the Program committee and support the direction of the GSTL Chapter and perform duties as assigned by the President.


Is Responsible for the financial affairs of the GSTL Chapter, including collecting membership dues/fees. This responsibility includes financial reports to the Board and IPMA-HR National as required. The Treasurer will be custodian of the financial records of the GSTL Chapter.


Shall record the proceedings of the GSTL Chapter Board and General meetings. The Secretary shall maintain the registration lists for meetings. This responsibility includes maintaining Chapter minutes.

BOARD MEMBERS (3 positions)

Help advise officers on GSTL Chapter programs, policies and direction of the Chapter. Act as voting members of the Board.

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